About Me


My name is Samantha Schmidt and I am a student attending Western Oregon University studying Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I grew up on a farm in Washington, and I love dairy cows and sports, especially basketball. Another one of my passions is my future career as a teacher. I believe there is knowledge to be found everywhere and that learning should be a fun experience.  What really spurred my interest of being an elementary school teacher was my time as Clark County Dairy Ambassador. As dairy ambassador, I had the opportunity of talking to many elementary school children and being able to teach them about dairy and the farmers in our county. I immediately fell in love. The children had so many questions and they were all so enthusiastic. My goal as a teacher is to not only help students learn, but to teach things in a way that will make them passionate and excited about learning. I am very excited for my future career as a teacher, and can’t wait to find creative and innovative methods of teaching.