Lesson Planning Experience

For my lesson plan, I chose the example that was provided in class. This was second graders in Corvallis, Oregon. The objective that was given was the animal research paper that must include three paragraphs, a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a conclusion. However, they do not have internet research skills.

The main points that I am focusing on in my unit lesson plan include learning how to research material online, learning how to correctly write paragraphs, and how to share information they learn through writing efficiently.

I was confused at first, because I couldn’t think of a way to integrate these lessons in a creative or innovative matter through technology. I wanted to find fun resources that would interest students in lesson, while also contending with common core and ISTE standards. So far, I  wanted to find applications that could be useful to the plan and also fit with the technology the classroom had available, which is iPads. Story Builder is one of the apps I found. It helps the user write stories and is supposed to help with forming paragraphs.

For this assignment, the common core writing standards were fairly easy to address because they mostly have to do with writing, revising, and editing, which will all be done with the animal essay. For ISTE standards, creativity and innovation can be shown through the students presentations. I also found a really interesting self-assessment rubric for younger students that I think I will integrate into my lesson plan.

Although I am still a little lost on the lesson planning and where to go exactly, I can see a unit forming from the information I have found and I think it will come together quite well!