Using Multimedia in the Classroom

With so much information and different technology tools at our fingertips today, there are a lot of different forms of multimedia that can be used in the classroom. Just a few forms of multimedia that can be used in teaching includes podcasts, video recordings, and the use of other web 2.0 tools, such as learning websites and social media.

Podcasts are helpful tools that can have multiple benefits. Teachers can use podcasts to record the lectures that they give so that students who missed class or wanted to go back over the days contents can listen to it. It can also be helpful for parents, so they can listen to the podcasts and stay in the loop of what their children are being taught. Not only is it a tool for teachers, but it can also be a tool for students. Students can use podcasts for assignments, such as creating a short story and saying it aloud. Personally, since I will be teaching elementary students, I think I would use podcasts as something for students to use more. I think is could be helpful for reading skills and creativity, where a student has to come up with a story and share it on their own podcast in class. Then, in class, I could help the students upload it, and this way their story could be heard by anyone, not just the teacher and other students in the classroom.

I think video recordings can also be useful for many reasons. Live performances, like concerts, can be recorded and viewed live by others, such as family who could not make it to the performance or live far away. Videos can have many other uses, such as recording feedback for students or making classroom videos. This is just the tip of the ice berg, there’s so many different ways video recordings can be used. In my classroom, I think I would use video recordings for making class video projects.

There are also many web 2.0 applications that can be used in the classroom. For instance, with Kidblog, students can create blogs of their own to post their own assignments and write creatively. There is also a web 2.0 site called my StoryMaker, which in one of my personal favorites, where students can have help writing stories of their own. Not only that, but there are other social medias, such as twitter, that as a teacher, I could post to a classroom website. All of the different forms of technology used could be posted, or I could even just post a URL link. There is also Edmodo, which is basically a website that is like Facebook, but made specifically for use in the classroom, to post assignments, give feedback, and interact. I could see these different forms of multimedia being used in my classroom for the various reasons that I just listed, and much more! There are so many possibilities with so many different multimedias available!

These different forms of multimedia are also favorable for use in the classroom when it comes to the ISTE standards. Creating their own podcasts, video recordings, or blogs can help inspire creativity and help learning. These are all also digital ways that the students can do classwork and learn.


Web 2.0 Tools for an Elementary Classroom

The first website that I found was my StoryMaker. This website was very interactive and fun. It would be great for an elementary school students. This website helps you write your own story. This site could be very useful because it gives students a helping hand in accessing their creativity and writing. This website gives options, such as different cartoons, background and prop options, and actions that they can do. You can also write in what characters say to each other. The site also helps with the main plot of the story. For instance, I tried it out and my story was called “The Fox Who Made Friends With The Lion.” I really enjoyed making and reading the story. Not only that, but you can also save it and come back to it. This site has many ways for students to access their creativity, and there is no prior knowledge needed for the site. When you go to the page, you click on a button that takes you to the story. It has a mix of graphics and writing, so it is good for improving reading and writing skills in a fun way! The only thing that I would change about the website would be to create a feature where the computer would read what the student wrote out loud. I think with the features that this website offers, it would be perfect for students in 1-3 grade. Overall, I was extremely impressed with this website and I will definitely try this out with my students when I have my own classroom.

The next website that I found was ABCya! This website is an educational game site. It is meant for many grades, ranging from pre-k to 5th grade. Each grade has a different place to click, and has different levels of difficulty. The level of difficulty is based on grade. These games are fun and meant to improve the users skills with certain categories. All of the grades have options to play games that have to do with letters, numbers, holiday, strategy, and skills. Once you click on one of the categories, many different games come up that the child can choose to play. This is great because then the child has manny different ways to learn something. This site is interactive and creative. I think it is great for elementary students because it mixes fun with learning. Also, having a variety of skill levels makes it versatile for so many age groups. I think this site has thought of everything. I can’t think of one thing that could be improved. I think the great thing about this website is students could go and play it at home and work on different skills that they need to learn. If only this site had more categories!

The final website that I looked at was Kidblog. This website was designed for students K-12 to be able to blog and share their thoughts in a safe and interactive way. The website is built to be simple and easy to use. This website could be useful for students to share their thoughts and interact with through writing, not to mention also help improve writing skills. Teachers also can manage all their students posts. Even though this website it designed for K-12 students, I would say that this would be more useful in students that are older. It seems very simple and easy to use, but when it comes to younger students, a first grader, the blogging may not seem as interesting as an interactive game. I think that upper elementary school students and up could get a better use out of the blog than lower elementary grades. All in all, I think this is a good tool to use. Students can start to share their own ideas and interact with each other and others who use it. Since it’s all students on the blog and can be managed by teachers, it is a good place for students to interact and give advice to one another. This site was designed to help students with their writing skills, and I think it is very useful for that. All in all, I think it is a good site for students in third grade and up.