Formula for Interesting Presentations

Presentations are often used to deliver information to people. The only problem is, they are often boring and are not useful to getting the point across. I read an interesting writing by Guy Kawaski called presentationzen which gave different ways to deliver presentations more effectively. Before reading this, I knew a few things that could make presentations better, such as not including so many bullet points and having more pictures. However, this writing provided more in depth ideas. There were 4 specific various ways to make presentations more interesting. The 4 elements are contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. I also didn’t realize that putting graphics in a certain place on a slide is more appealing to the eye.

I can incorporate these elements into my own presentations that I create and present to my students. Showing more pictures that take up more screen space, including much less information via bullet points, taking advantage of blank spaces, contrasting different elements included in the presentation, such as color or size, and placing things in a more aesthetic manner. Basically, create slide show that is interesting, simple, and does not distract from the information that I want to get across to my students.

Presentations that I have created over the years have really not fit with these principles at all. A lot of presentations I have made included many bullet points of just facts, with few pictures. When I had pictures they were also off to the side and not a focal point. My power points that I have made in the past were the traditional ones that are just facts and boring pictures that were probably somewhat confusing. I think that the only thing I did right was include repetition, with the slide backgrounds. I have definitely learned a lot from this  article and in class about how to change up the way I could make a presentation for my class and students to make the information interesting and memorable.


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