Using Technology in Elementary Grades

Today, I watched a very interesting video on using technology in the classroom through an example from Mr. Pane through a short video. He used a fun and interesting method to get his fifth grade students involved in learning about technology. He had all of his students create a comic where they create a digital superhero to intervene an internet situation where it wasn’t being used properly. They used their own pictures for the person to be intervened by their digital superhero. These digital superheroes solve things such as not putting your information on the internet or not using the internet to gossip online.

The gallery walk was a good idea in this situation, because the students got to read each other’s work and also see others interpretations of internet safety. I think I could use this in my own classroom when students complete work in class that is particularly interactive or has an underlying theme. I think this is useful, because this way students can see others work and perspectives.


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