Learning of the New Generation

In the recent discussions of how the newer generation is connected to technology, a controversial issue has been whether they naturally learn technological concepts or must be taught how to use technology successfully. On the one hand, some argue that people of the new generation naturally pick up on technology and using it. From this perspective, the new generation acquires technology more easily because it is part of their culture and everyday life growing up. On the other hand, however, others argue that the new generation needs to be taught how to use technology. According to this view, people of the new generation do not naturally acquire knowledge of technology, and they need to be taught to use technology effectively. In sum then, the issues is whether the new generation acquires digital knowledge naturally or need to be taught how to use digital knowledge.

My own view is that the new generation does not acquire digital knowledge, we need to learn how to use technology, either through personal experience or being taught by someone else. Though I concede that the new generation learns more through technology than previous generations, I still maintain that the new generation must learn to use digital technology more efficiently. The issue is important because technology being so engrained in our culture is important to our learning of concepts and our use for it in the future will also be pertinent.


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